3 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Graphic Designer

As the world becomes more and more visual and interactive, graphic designers start to get more and more respect for their creative and usually underestimated craft. I continually run across corporations that outsource all of their creative design services and as a matter of fact, most corporations think it is much smarter to outsource. However, when considering the face of your business, wouldn’t design seem to matter more? According to not only is it proven that, “corporations would save money by hiring and utilizing an in-house designer” but they would also miss out on these three important things that could potentially earn their company more:


1. Brand! Brand! Brand! Awareness.

The face of your company is your brand! Sure, sales can make your brand sound good and marketing can make sure that your brand is being represented in the correct way but who is responsible for your brand’s “look and feel”? This is the importance of an in-house designer. Someone who works in-house in the office and in the industry understands the business from the inside, out. This not only quickens the creative process when designing for a familiar brand and industry but also cuts the confusion of an external design agency that gets tasked with designing for your brand and may not completely understand who your target market is or how you want your brand visually represented. Resulting in more costly design drafts and design revisions.


2. Designers have Special Skills that Marketing alone, lacks!

Most marketing departments are very analytics driven and are purposed to make sure that the company brand is represented correctly and positively. Not many marketing staff personnel were also trained on graphic aesthetic and can fully understand the company’s brand standards. In-house designers are equipped with a certain area of knowledge that marketing also lacks: expertise in web coding language and graphic design software like the Adobe Creative Suite.


3. In-house Design = Market Power

Marketing has big content development ideas. With a designer apart of the conception of content development, they not only guide the team on the company’s important brand standards but also are able to understand the scope of the project fully and therefore can design faster and correctly the first time. This equals more content generation for your company and Bill Gates said it best, “Content is King!”

About the author

Erika Swanson is a professional graphic designer and marketing expert. With experience in the B2B and B2C markets, she is able to creatively come up with unique strategies and concepts that intrigue the intended audience. As a thought leader in her industry, she continues to share her expertise to set a higher bar in the marketing and graphics professional world.

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